2 Main Forms of ECDL Practise Guides

There are many ECDL practice guides that can be purchased from the Internet.  These resources offer important information, practical techniques, and detailed lessons based on the ECDL syllabus.  These ECDL practice materials can be used over and over as long as the syllabus remains the same.  Another good thing is the practice guide can be used as manual for daily computer tasks.  Its value therefore goes beyond the actual tests.

ECDL practice guides come in many forms.  It could be electronic or paper based and some can be worked on using web interfaces.

The most popular ECDL practice resource comes in CD-ROM.  Lessons, practice tests, and step by step instructions are stored on CDs which can be installed on computers.  The contents can be studied at the office or at home and it offers superior portability because the CD can be taken anywhere.  ECDL practice guides on CD can be ordered and purchased online.  This is generally available on the websites of ECDL courseware vendors.  In fact, ECDL CD-ROMs are sometimes the main educational tools of training providers.

Another important ECDL practice guides are books and manuals.  These are ideal for those who are more comfortable in using books as study reference.  All the contents that can be found on CDs are also included in ECDL books.  Detailed explanations are provided for each computer application and there are graphics and diagrams that provide illustrative descriptions of the lessons.  ECDL books are available online and it can be purchased also from training centers.  Some book stores and shops also offer ECDL books and manuals.

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