2 Ways to Study for MCDST Exams

To pass the examination in one sitting, one should thoroughly study for MCDST certification process.  The MCDST or Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician is an entry level certification designed for IT professional working in help desk support environments.  An MCDST certification is an indication of competence and expertise in desktop systems running on Windows platform and systems. 

There are two ways to study for MCDST exams.  The first is through online training and review centers.  This is the most convenient method of learning.  A trainee can access the resources of the center and enjoy the benefits of live online tutoring by certified Microsoft professionals.  They can also be given access to free materials such as manuals, online books, practice exams, and lists of MCDST exam questions.  Usually online training centers also provide exam simulations which could help trainees get a better grasp of the MCDST exam system.

Another way to study for the MCDST is through self-review.  This is possible because there are so many free resources that can be acquired from the Internet that will be needed by MCDST examinees.  These resources can be downloaded and studied at home.  There are also web based simulated exams and test questions that can be accessed for free or for just a minimum fee.  Self study is very effective also especially if the IT professional has vast experience in desktop systems.  Their experience will certainly help and the written study kits will just bolster their knowledge of the Microsoft desktop systems and applications environment. 

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