#3 – A Short Definition of ITIL Best Practice

If we rely on the regular meaning of the words Best Practice, it may lead us to thinking that Best Practice refers to a job performance rating. However, ITIL® Best Practice actually pertains to areas intended for application of the service management concepts. These areas are listed in a series of informative books which provide guidance on how IT services should be implemented properly. Below is a list of Best Practice functions and a brief description of each function.
Service Support relates to 5 areas of discipline such as Configuration Management; Problem Management; Change Management; Help Desk; and Software Control and Distribution. These 5 areas all enable IT Services to be provided.
Service Delivery is the management of IT services itself.  Under Service Delivery would be   Service Level Management; Capacity Management; Contingency Management; Availability Management; and Cost Management for IT Services. These areas mentioned allow us a snapshot of the role of Service Delivery management which is to ensure that the overall efficiency of delivery of services to customers can be sustained.
The area of Planning to Implement Service Management is an important ITIL® framework. Its work is to align the business needs with IT resources. It therefore includes the following necessary elements in analysis: creates a vision; helps in analysis of the organization; supports setting of goals, facilitates implementation of IT services; and allows for measurement of goals.
ICT Infrastructure Support and Management provides the necessary support in line with Best Practice guidance on any requirements needed, planning, design, testing, deployment, operations necessitating technical support, and management.
ITIL® Application Management identifies the service level requirements of the business. Through it, ITIL® can then be used to standardize the business procedures in accordance with ITIL® Best Practice.
Lastly, The Business Perspective involves looking at how IT resources can be incorporated into the business from the perspective of how the business normally operates. It should effectively merge the preferred technology with the needs of the people being served if the business needs are truly understood.


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