3 Key Elements of ISO 9001 2000 Standard

The ISO 9001 2000 standard is a major milestone in the development of business processes and quality management systems. It is internationally recognized by every governing standards body throughout the world. The ISO 9001 2000 paved the way for greater improvement in corporate efficiency and significantly heightened productivity of the business sector. In order to completely understand the workings of ISO 9001 2000 standards, it should be worthwhile to enumerate its key elements.

The first element of ISO 9001 2000 is the improvement of management participation and responsibility to quality systems and processes. Gone were the days where corporate board room discussions were dominated by profit and loss analysis. Today, the profit and loss metrics are complemented quality systems analysis. The principal reason is clear: profitability of companies increase if they continue to deliver quality products and services.

The second key element involves the creation of new and vibrant corporate culture. This corporate culture is primarily anchored on the efforts of personnel and managers in delivering quality products and services. Companies have become more customer-oriented. It definitely enhances market focus. Through ISO 9001 2000 standards, corporate performance can reach its peak levels in terms of ensuring quality and product dependability.

Finally, companies that adapted ISO 9001 2000 standards have greater business intelligence due to marked improvement of their data generation and documentations. If each step of the business process will be well documented, any errors can be easily traced thus corrective measures can be easily applied. Through ISO 9001 2000, companies can understand every detail of their operations.

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