36 Awesome Social Media Blogs Everyone Should Read

36 Awesome Social Media Blogs (In No Certain Order)

1. Social Media Explorer — Jason Falls is constantly pumping out great posts on social media’s impact on marketing and public relations.

2. The Future Buzz — Adam Singer takes a clear approach to social media marketing and SEO topics and isn’t afraid to take a stance against ideas and tactics he thinks are bad for marketers.

3. Duct Tape Marketing — If you are a small business owner, then Duct Tape is a must read for strategic and tactical advice about leveraging online marketing and social media to grow your business.

4. Conversation Agent — Conversation is a buzz word on the web today, but this blog connects conversation to business goals and demonstrates how it is an important factor in driving business results.

5. PR Squared — If public relations is your core interest, then be sure to check out Todd Defren’s blog about the intersection of public relations and digital media.

6. Web Ink Now — Author and speaker, David Meerman Scott shares great theories and real-life examples of social media’s impact on marketing as well as easy-to-understand content that is great for non-marketing executives.

7. SEOmoz Blog — If search engine marketing is a top interest for you, then SEOmoz offers a wealth of knowledge with more than 3,000 detailed posts about search engine marketing.

8. Marketing Pilgrim — For a constant blend of online marketing and search news with a side of how-to articles, check out Marketing Pilgrim.

9. Copyblogger — Great blogging is about great writing and story telling. Posts at Copyblogger teach you how to do both of these better.

10. Six Pixels of Separation — Mitch Joel has built a successful marketing agency and shares his knowledge and insight about online marketing as well as industry trends.

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