#4 – How to Pass an ITIL Case Study Exam

The ITIL® Managers Certificate represents a step forward for IT personnel to the prized ITIL® managerial career. If you are pursuing the ITIL® Managers Certificate, this means that you have already completed the ITIL® Foundation Certificate and are now prepared to face the much more challenging career of an ITIL® Service Manager. You should undertstand, though, that you will be facing an exam that will test your ability to analyze IT-related problems as well as your capability for managing ITIL®  based solutions used in Service Management.

Normally, the exam consists of one general question and 4 process questions. There is no doubt that you could easily answer the general question but since an ITIL® Service Manager is responsible for a number of areas of discipline in ITIL®, you should be prepared by reading ITIL® case studies since you do not know which area will be covered specifically. You have to prepare for if ITIL® case studies are also presented in the exam.

Reviewing adequately is the key. You have to be familiar with different cases covering the different areas of concern that an ITIL® Manager may encounter cover, such as Service and Delivery for instance. Make use of the available reviewers from your training provider. Try to simulate a real-life exam situation. Practice answering case problems under time pressure. Getting used to the exam scenario would make the actual exams less stressful.
Read and understand thoroughly any ITIL® case study you may come across. Get into the heart of the case and do not linger on the sidelights too long. Your resources should be devoted to covering as many problems as you possibly can without sacrificing quality. Be focused on the case study you choose to study without being distracted by minor data that are merely incidental to the real issue. Always base your solutions on the ITIL® Best Practice discipline. You will also be able to maximize your chances of passing if you will be able to see the exam through the eyes of the examiner or exam creator.

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