5.8 GHz WiMAX for a Faster and Cost Effective Deployment

WiMAX stands for Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access. It is a telecommunications technology typically aimed for the use of providing wireless data access even over long range of distances. WiMAX provides wireless data point to point access and mobile access as well. It can be fixed or mobile.

WiMAX operates under the IEEE 802.16 standard. Since it’s a wireless connection, WiMAX can enable laptops to get internet access without any cable connection to hubs or routers.

However, a further development in WiMAX technology is the emergence of the 5.8 GHz WiMAX. This is referred as the unlicensed frequency by the WiMAX Forum. The development of the 5.8 GHz reference design has allowed the possibility of a complete plug and play solution. With the reference design, hardware manufacturers will be able to produce peripherals that are both flexible and those that require less development efforts.

According to the WiMAX Forum, the 5.8 GHz design helps facilitate the development of WiMAX solutions by simplifying the whole WiMAX CPE design. In addition to that, WiMAX solutions and applications will be served to the market more easily and cost effectively. Because of the flexibility it provides, it will also facilitate more improvements in the technology.

In response to this, manufacturers are producing 5.8 GHz WiMAX baseband SoC. Partner companies are producing 5.8 GHz WiMAX compliant end- to-end  solutions. Not only that, WiMAX solutions providers were now able to offer WiMAX consumer solutions cost effectively. They were also able to provide a high performing service. 

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