#5 – Choosing the right ITIL training center

There are quite a number of ITIL® Training centers which offer their services in the market today.  Browse through the Internet and you will find a lot of them that make almost similar claims.  But your ultimate purpose as an IT professional is to advance in your career and get the Certificates you need after the training. This means that you need to pass the exam and take hold of that prized certificate  and that entails enrolling with the right ITIL® training center.
When choosing the right ITIL® training center, you must consider some things that a quality center must have.

First and foremost, the center must be accredited by the government (of the country you work in) to give exams and issue certificates.
The ITIL® Training center, as well as their instructors, must have enough experience in the trade or course they handle. You would feel bad if your instructor demonstrated inferior knowledge compared to you who are not a professional yet. Forthright training providers should make available to students the educational and professional background of their instructors even before students enroll.
Usually, this kind of training involves payment of substantial tuition fees. You should treat this as a career investment so be meticulous in your choice. Check the amount of fees they charge  are they within industry standards? Just because you believe you are guaranteed to receive good pay after you have gotten your certificate does not mean you will just pay any fee amount.
Your training provider must have specialized in the kind of training you are considering. Since ITIL® requires  technical training that meets globally accepted standards, your provider must show some international accreditation.  International certification standards for ITIL® is a mandatory requirement all training providers have to meet.
It must also have a laboratory complete with a full range of ITIL® books. Review helps a lot so mock exams must be included in their curriculum.

Having good training will give you that necessary edge so you can pass exams.  You will then be able to achieve your objective of getting the certificate or certificates you need in the future.

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