5/20 Webcast: Match your Social Media Message to your audience

How do you communicate with specific audiences like  Asian-Americans or Mommy-bloggers, and how do these segments behave differently?

How do you find the most influential voices within your customer segment and how do you make it worth their time to evangelize your products?

Organizations are looking for new ways of engaging and Attensity360 is pleased to present social media strategist Cat Lincoln who will share best practices of engaging your target audience with a relevant message.  Join us to learn how leading companies are using social media to reach their key constituents with real life case studies.  You will get Cat’s tips on how to work with bloggers, how to build social media ambassadors and how to protect your brand in social media.

More about Cat Lincoln:  Cat is a partner at Clever Girls Collective, specializing in social media marketing.  She also has 17 years leading marketing programs for Fortune 500 companies. Cat is read by millions online including AOL Lifestyle sites GreenDailyHolidash and StyleList, travel site UpTake, and good news outlet Tonic. Cat is also the co-creator of the collaborative entertainment blogs wishboneclover, and 40whatever.

More about this series:  Attensity360 is sponsoring a series of social media thought leadership webcsasts.  The events focus on sharing knowledge and value with the community and feature leaders and best practices from the community at large.  The webcasts are free to attend for those who register, and do not contain product demos.  Past events are available to view on-demand.


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