A Background on ECDL Level 1

Taking the European Computer Driving License is no laughing matter. It is very serious and will expect a lot from you, but in the end it will really be worth it. As you probably know by now, the European Computer Driving License has several levels – as such, it is a ladderized program designed to test you at different competency levels. If you are just going to start out, you will begin with the test for the Level 1 Certificate.

The Level 1 certificate may be prepared from in a workshop method which will slowly introduce to you the different topics that will come out in the entire test. Such a course will last for usually ten weeks and will require you to attend three one hour sessions per week.

The European Computer Driving License Level 1 program content is designed in such a way that it will help build up your computing skills so you reach a relative beginner mode which is necessary in order to operate many office software packages that are popularly used in different fields. Such a course will tackle the basic concepts related to computers and will also require you to perform basic file management as well as information searching and communication through the use of computers.

The workshops that are designed to help you learn all these things will also have some handouts which you can easily refer to. In this way, the skills of the students enrolled in such a course shall be reinforced by way of completion of the different sample assignments related to the topics in the content.

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