A Backgrounder on the PMBOK Form of Accreditation

The first ever Project Management Body of Knowledge Guide (or PMBOK) was published by the
organization called the PMI (or Project Management Institute) in the year 1987 as an attempt to
standardize and document generally accepted project management practices and information. The most
up-to-date edition is entitled Guide to the Project Management Body of Knowledge, third edition (also
called the PMBOK guide for short.) The book was released on October 31 of year 2004 and proved to
be useful as a basic guide for Project Management.

The third edition PMBOK Guide is also recognized as the international standard for Project Management
recognized all over the world (IEEE Std 1490-2003). The PMBOK guide provides the essentials in
Project Management by discussing a wide variety of projects (including software, construction,
automotive, and engineering, among others.) The PMBOK Guide works by helping project processes
be identified (hence PMBOK can be said to be a Process-based guide.) The book is also consistent with
a variety of other management standards like the Software Engineering Institute CMMI and ISO 9000.
Since processes interact and overlap through various phases of a project, processes are explained in
terms of: Tools and Techniques, Inputs, and Outputs.

The PMBOK Guide discusses the Process Groups and different Areas of Management. The five
divisions of process groups are called Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring and Controlling, and

The nine Knowledge Areas in Management are deemed to be Project Integration Management, Project
Time Management, Project Scope Management, Project Quality Management, Project Cost
Management, Project Communications Management, Project Human Resource Management, Project
Procurement Management and Project Risk Management.

PMBOK may teach a practitioner what to do in a project, but will not automatically teach the how to
part. The main purpose of the PMBOK is to guide practitioners via experience so they can achieve
knowledge on how to run an IT Project or other types of projects.

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