A Business Process Taking a Closer Look

Many people dream of working even at a small space in a tall building while wearing a nicely done uniform. Yes, this is a typical office work wherein employees are expected to get things done efficiently in a small period of time. These interrelated tasks that make everyone busy in a certain work environment constitute a business process.

In general, a business process (also called as business method) is a set of activities that that needs to be carried out to produce a service or a product to meet the demands of a client or customer. There are a lot of sub-processes involved in a business process to achieve company goals and objectives. But then again, managing a business process tends to focus on two areas. First is people, wherein appropriate staffing must be determined to perform activities that lead to understanding of customer’s needs and at the same time, make process improvements. Second is technology, which is the use of software applications, equipment and machinery to accomplish business goals.

There are also three main types of business processes and these are: (a) management processes, which are the processes governing the operation of a certain system such as Strategic Management; (b) operational processes, which are the processes that create the primary value stream and make up the core business such as Sales and Marketing; (c) supporting processes, which are the processes that hold up and sustain the core processes such as Accounting and IT Support. These types of business processes make up the several levels or departments within an organization, perfectly structured to obtain business success.

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