A comprehensive description on Metadata

In the world of computing and information technology, when a data pertains to another data, it is being technically referenced to as metadata. A data remain a meaningless data when there is a null reference that is attributed to it.  With metadata, a data is being referenced by another data.   The word “meta” is originally a Greek word specifically a preposition and at times functioning as a prefix which when translated to the English will yield a lexical definition such as “about, behind, along with” to name a few. Logically, when metadata is used, it is being understood clearly as a data about or referencing to a similar data. 

Furthermore, metadata is also sometimes being referred to as the meta-information, thus the description on metadata that is referencing to a piece of information about a piece of an information remains acceptable and logical.  In a more comprehensive manner of describing the term metadata, we shall be using the below given definitions:

• Metadata is a very well structured and architectured piece of data that provides clear description on another data that bears a relevant entity aimed at identifying, assessing, and managing the said entities and objects related to the data. 
• Metadata is a cluster of well-framed descriptions capable of being utilized in assisting experts in strategically locating other data or objects.

From the given descriptions, it is safe to claim that metadata as a process of putting a referencing character to another data is functionally helpful in strategically positioning data on a repository mechanism. 

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