A day dedicated to ITSM and ITIL awareness

ITIL A day dedicated to ITSM and ITIL awareness

How to support new trends – such as the emerging mobile enterprise, distributed work environments, globalization, cross-platform technology deployments How to achieve integrated service management How to lower TCO How to measure, communicate, and improve the ROI on your technology investments How to integrate technologies, tools and processes How to better align your IT operations with your organization’s overall business objectives Providing excellent service is not just a matter of the technologies that have been deployed, but whether they are supporting the business as a whole so that it can run smoothly and efficiently.

Attendees of this ITIL Conference will learn how to help improve business productivity and profitability through better alignment of the IT function with the overall organization’s objectives. Another such ITIL Conference was “IT Service Management – What is it?” organized by itSMF USA and Jupitermedia.

A day dedicated to ITSM and ITIL awareness.

What exactly is IT Service Management? What does the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL) do and how can it help my organization? Attend the Pre-Conference Day on Monday, February 2nd and got the answers to these questions and a whole lot more. Learned from experts on why they chose the ITIL framework to help their IT Service Management improvement programs, their success and lessons learned.

Came away from this day with an understanding of why the IT Infrastructure Library was created, how it was improved upon, and how it will be updated.

Many also had a better understanding of its role throughout organizations both public and private and around the world. Some of the topics which were discussed in this ITIL Conference were: ITIL – Past, Present and Future: In the second half of the 1980s, the UK government concluded that, while strong methods existed for the development of IT systems, there was little non-proprietary advice available for the management of IT services.

It therefore set about creating a body of ‘best practice’ guidance for the live running of services, which it called ‘The IT Infrastructure Library’. itSMF Executive Overview: This Executive Overview of IT Service Management, presented by the itSMF (IT Service Management Forum), provides the attendee with a high level introduction to what it takes for an IT organization to achieve business and IT alignment, repeatable processes and demonstrable IT service value.

It introduces the basic concepts of IT Service Management as described within the IT Infrastructure Library (ITIL).

It focuses on taking a holistic approach to IT Service Management through the use of processes, their respective relationships and workflows.

After attending this session attendees will understand how ITIL can improve IT operations. ITIL and Government – Lessons Learned: Presentations by the following speakers during the ITIL Conference: • Judith Alvarado, Change Coordinator, USDA National Information Technology Center • Maria Ritchie, Manager of IT Service Management, Ontario Justice Enterprise • Aaron Cheng, Director of IT Systems, Hydro One Telecom, Canada • Dr.


Akira Robinson, Computer Scientist, Department of the Navy

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Accredited ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert Certifications

Accredited ITIL Foundation, Intermediate and Expert Certifications, Learn more about ITIL HERE:

ITIL and  A day dedicated to ITSM and ITIL awareness
ITIL - A day dedicated to ITSM and ITIL awareness
ITIL and  A day dedicated to ITSM and ITIL awareness
ITIL - A day dedicated to ITSM and ITIL awareness

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