A Good Service Level Agreement

One of the problems concerning outsourcing the project using service level agreement is when you are negotiating and putting the SLA in effect. The SLA can either put the relationship of the service provider and the customer to become a concrete foundation and making both parties have a good working condition or the other way around. Before, service providers usually offer credits to the client when it did not pass or meet the performance expected from it, this strategy is now useless.

Credits are not that important to a client anymore since he is going to pay it anyway. The question is, what are the ways on how to have a better service level agreement between the service provider and the customer? The term service level agreement refers to the definition of the level of services in a contract signed by two parties. To have a good SLA, one must get a good lawyer for the job so that the customers will know what they are gaining and what they are missing as well.

Another way is to begin with a typical contract usually prepared by the supplier since the service provider will modify the contract that will fit the client’s situation. The client should also avoid accepting credits for performance not done well; instead try to look for ways on how to solve the problem. Performance must always be on top priority when it comes to service level agreements concerning a client and a service provider.
      When looking for a good service provider that offers a better SLA try to consider the things mentioned above to keep a happy relationship between the two transacting parties.

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