A Guide in the WiMax Deployment

As WiMax continues to be the most of the talked about technology developments in the wireless industry today, it is expected that more WiMax products will be deployed in the commercial networks.  Telecom service providers will deploy a wider scale of WiMax equipment or products as well.

WiMax standard has the ability of accessing broadband services wirelessly even on remote raeas where there are no line of sight service.  It has complemented the existing wireline and wireless services. It has offer a caliber of service which is typically associated with wireline services, but allows user to access the services anytime and anywhere within the coverage area.  As a result of this technology,this has appealed new entrants, wire line, cable, satellite and wireless service providers to venture into WiMax.

The deployment of WiMax products to areas needs careful planning and evaluation of the WiMax current trends.  A book entitled Service Provider WiMax Deployment Plans provides analysis of the survey results conducted exclusively for network operators in gauging the carrier perceptions of WiMax and plans to incorporate WiMax in the network and service portfolios.

The Service Provider WiMax Deployment Plans includes the demographic data on survey participants, types of service providers, respondent base, and the geographic regions as represented by respondents and the size and scope of the service providers.  It present the analysis of the result of the survey questions aimed on gauging the general attitudes toward WiMax and the long-term role in carrier networks.  The book offers WiMax deployment plans to include frequency bands that are to be used.

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