A Guide to a MCDST Practice Test

Acing a Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician examination is never that difficult and hard when you have utilized the powers of practicing the test samples.  Practice tests may seem to look like very fundamental source of getting an ace in the examination but believe me it is one bunch of an effective means. 

But, how do we know which practice tests are effective?  Are there guides that one can use to determine the effectiveness of the practice test?  If there are, where can one find them?

Practice tests just like review materials are best found from people who have experienced the same or people who are experts on the field.  Therefore, to substantiate the effectiveness of the practice test, one must be able to get the practice test from good sources.  But what are they?  Below are some of the good guides that you can use towards having an effective MCDST Practice test:

a. Make sure that the practice tests that you have are up to date and fresh.  Since the trend and technology change as the technology evolves, it is best that you also update your practice test materials. 
b. Get practice tests that were recently used by previous examinees.  This will tell you that the things that they have learned and studied are apparently the latest things that you also have.
c. Enroll in a learning center which has a curriculum that is aligned with Microsoft learning centers.  This will put you in a very advantageous side because you are basically following the Microsoft way.
d. When you have enough budget, it is best that you enroll in one of the learning centers that Microsoft supervises. They give updated practice tests. 

These are just some of the commonly effective tips and techniques that you can use to prepare yourself with the Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician certification examination with the use of the practice tests.

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