A Legal Discussion of Risk Management

In any modern business, whether big or small, legal and risk management plans are very
important.  Whether you are planning to expand your business or just planning for future
contingencies, you have to note that legal compliance can sometimes be overlooked and
your business could suffer the consequences.
Risks can be opportunity based (studying the consequences of taking or not taking the
business opportunity), working conditions based (pertaining to the day to day hazards of
work) or undetermined (freaks of nature, terrorists, accidents).  These are the three basic
kinds of risks.  But they still have sub categories that need to be studied in more detail. 
One of those sub categories is the legal and risk management.  By carefully focusing on
this sub category, you can be sure that careful thought and planning have been considered
and you increase your chances of making sure that you have identified and enumerated
all possible risks involved in the legal aspects.

Legal risks are plenty.  Your organization might have overlooked some regulatory
compliance requirements and you have to plan for those risks.  Your legal and risk
management sessions should come in handy for this.  Brainstorming would greatly help
you in identifying what actions you have to take.

Some startup businesses usually have problems when it comes to compliance with the
legal requirements—especially government legal requirements. Legal and risk
management also includes company policies, procedures, employee work expectations
and contracts.  The legal requirements are so many that errors are bound to occur at one
point or another.  This is where legal and risk management planning should be carefully
brainstormed.  Again, carefully identify, analyze and prioritize every aspect of the legal
risks before making any plans to counter it.


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