A Microsoft MCDST Certification Jumpstarts an IT Career

With the growth of off-shore call centers, the term "technical support" has earned a rather looser definition. Gradually, call centers have been less strict on the qualifications of agents who can work as a "technical support representative." However, for call centers and other companies who are determined to give the highest form of quality service, only applicants with the necessary certifications can become accepted to provide the support for technical issues and concerns.

Aside from call centers, other companies focused on providing on-site IT support also require applicants to have certifications before even having a chance of being hired. Nowadays, with so many professionals in the IT industry, competition is tough. People with the much needed credentials will definitely have an edge over others who don’t have them.

Microsoft has a vast certification program that enables passers of at least one exam to carry the title “Microsoft Certified Professional.” An example of a program Microsoft offers is Microsoft Certified Desktop Support Technician or MCDST for short. This certification is ideal for professionals providing technical and troubleshooting support for end users of Microsoft Windows. For people whose line of work is focused on being a front liner, having an MCDST credential under their belts is indeed a big advantage. People who are also looking into starting a career in IT will find it beneficial to be a Microsoft Certified Professional by becoming an MCDST. Not only can they begin a career in IT, but they can also ask for a more competitive compensation package because of their certified skills.

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