A More Powerful ECM Architecture for Enhanced Content Management

The consolidation of the IT industry and the improvement of technology research brought about a new ECM architecture that could add more value for the existing deployments of companies.  The new architecture features the development of a core server that would serve as the central repository of data processes.  On top of this core server repository are independent applications that will serve as specific channels for different line of business.  And most importantly, the new architecture will feature a unique interface that will be able to communicate with other ECM systems to improve interoperability.  

Top ECM developers and giant software corporations are racing against each other to build this new design and roll out the new ECM architecture.  Developers are aware that whoever was first to build such architecture will also gain the benefit of being first on the market.  As the market for enterprise content management becomes competitive, companies will surely benefit from the new powerful technology.

There are several drawbacks however for the new ECM architecture.  The ultra comprehensive and unified ECM architecture will not be suitable for mid-range and start up companies.  That’s because these companies would certainly need some point solutions for their ECM systems which could provide a more focused architectural build.  Large corporations, especially those with global operation, would certainly benefit from the new ECM architecture.  The price range however of the new roll out could pose an issue with the finance departments of companies.  But as the new technology becomes more widespread, the amount of investment to deploy such technology will also go down.

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