A Peek into Prince2 Accreditation

The Prince2 project management system has two types of exams that one seeking to specialize in it needs to pass. The first type of Prince2 exam is called the Foundation Exam. This exam runs for an entire hour and has a multiply choice format. The second exam, called the Practitioner Exam, is a much lengthier test of your skills. Its three hour run will require you to answer objective types of tests of multiple choices using only an official Reference Manual. But the catch is, it is no longer a completely open book examination. The text from the Reference Manual may be annotated but takes control not to include additional attachments. In the United Kingdom, the Prince2 exams are proctored by the APM Group.

It is possible for would-be test takers to self-study for the exam – granted that he or she has solid project management experience. For those who are fresh off the boat, be grateful for the fact that there are a lot of training organizations that offer study courses. This is, of course, hardly mandatory but the beauty of such organizations is they get to hone the skills of would be accredited Prince2 project management specialists and thus weed out the incompetent ones from the group.

If you feel confident in your skills or are backed up by several years’ worth of experience in project management, you might want to take the test with only a short self-review by yourself. Then again, it never hurts to have some extra help through books, software and actual human effort.

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