A Preview on the ISTQB Software Testing Sample Questions

A lot of examinees who are set for the ISTQB exams are wondering as to what sort of questions may arise during the actual ISTQB examination and certification.  Although generally, the questions that may come up during the exams are anchored from testing the general knowledge and skills of the person, majority of these examinees are still anxious to know the details of the actual examination questions. 

Good thing, there are some sites on the Internet that offer for free to sneak peak some of the sample questions that may be included on the actual examination.  There are free downloadable files that one can use as a reference and there are some which are for a fee. 

However, just so we can have a preview about what sort of questions that may be included, there are some general perspective about the examination that can be used.  First, the ISTQB Software Testing Question revolves around these things:

a. Risk Management which primarily tests the examinee’s skill set on how to better handle and resolve issues which involve too much risk.
b. Tool Knowledge.  This portion of the examination involves testing the knowledge of the examinee about how to use the software testing tools and the impact that each instrument creates on software testing. 
c. General Knowledge on Computers.  This portion of the examination involves checking the capability of the examinee to properly distinguish the different functions and behaviors of each device. 

Although, the concepts given are fundamentally general in perspective, these guidelines can greatly help the examinee to have a peak about the potential questions that may come out during the actual exams. 

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