A Promising Career on Risk Management

Pursuing risk management careers can be a most rewarding opportunity.  Becoming a risk
manager in any industry helps the organization in identifying and reducing financial
losses due to events that could have been avoided or planned.  There are various risk
management careers available today and they are not just limited to the financial,
investment, insurance and banking sector.  They can also be found in the working in
corporations, government institutions.  You can even start your own risk management
company and provide consultation services to other industries and organizations. 

Even though there are many kinds of risk management careers to choose from, the
primary assignment of any risk manager is still to identify, analyze, prioritize, and
monitor risks in order to prevent, modify, or stop the risk from happening.  A good risk
manager has a good understanding of the risk management tools, the quantitative
methods as well as an understanding of the financial and trade markets.  A background on
the fundamentals of derivatives, financial risk analysis, and pricing risks associated with
different business sectors—most especially the energy sector (oil, natural gas, electricity,
geothermal, etc.).

Before risk management came into public interest, risk management careers were usually
restricted to the financial sector.  But soon enough, risk management careers were offered
and solicited for areas such as health and safety, citizen’s and employee’s rights,
company policies and procedures, security, among others.  They have been included in
the planning especially when it entails the organization’s performance, vulnerability for
fraud or abuse, ineffective human capital management, or the public’s safety is exposed.

In terms of income, risk management careers could offer you an annual income of
$50,000 for entry level positions to as high as $150,000 for specialists and senior risk
managers.  Add to that the bonuses and incentives and you not only help the organization
avoid the or recover from risk, you also have a good source of income.


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