A Quick View on History of PMBOK

The Project Management Body of Knowledge(PMBOK) is viewed as the official guide
for project management. This document is the crucial foundation to successfully pass the
PMP certification test. The history of PMBOK started with a small group in 1968. J.
Gordon Davis, Edward A. Engman, Eric Jenett and James R. Snyder initiated the
formation of this organization. These men are completely committed and dedicated to
enhance and develop the discipline of project management. Later on, Susan C. Gallagher
joined others. Soon after, they named the organization as Project Management Institute
The history of PMI is an encouraging testimony to other non profit organizations in the
business industry. This group rapidly grew as a huge association with over 250,000
professional members all over the world. In 1986, PMI created a guide which is called
Project Management Body of Knowledge. This innovative document helps project
managers and professionals in their providing them with strategic plans, methods,
standards and concepts in project management.
Not long after, the PMBOK became an official guide and ANSI standard. There are
several editions that were published. In 1994, the very first edition of PMBOK was
published in the market. After that, the revised version was released in 1996. In 1999,
PMBOK 2000 was established and later on the third edition was made public in year
2004. Indeed, the history of PMBOK will continuously move forward as the demand for
better processes in project management increase. PMBOK will also constantly develop to
meet the demands of the business industry.

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