A Rundown of the Tools Used for Six Sigma Online Training

Online training is IN nowadays. It is often seen as a best alternative to classroom training that are usually costly and time consuming. What is good about online training is that you can take in any time you like, even at the comfort of your own home. Another thing is that purchasing such software application or any online training resource will not cost you thousands, not even hundreds. This usually depends on the quality of the training material that you will buy. Some even offer it for free but then again, if you are after comprehensive training then you might as well purchase one that suits your needs and budget.

As for Six Sigma, there are a lot of online training tools available that are very interactive, as if you are inside the perimeters of a typical classroom. Here are some of the online training tools that you can use to widen your perspective of Six Sigma principles and concepts.

First, you can use the software being offered by Pivotal Resources called nLighten. It is an online training product that has features that include problem solving simulations and online discussions.

Another set of tools that you can use are the ones being offered by QPM Solutions. Their modules range from Six Sigma Green Belt training to Six Sigma Black Belt training, depending on which certification program you would like to get into. Typical training features include case study exercises and preparatory exams.

Lastly, you can also enroll from the various training courses being offered by Aveta Solutions, which include the definition, analysis and improvement of Six Sigma processes to eliminate defects. Truly, you will definitely learn a lot from their online training.

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