A Short Definition of A Virtual Call Center

A virtual call center is basically a call center too  the difference is that its call center agents are not all housed in one structure in one geographical location. Rather, in a virtual call center, the representatives may work either as home-based employees, or work from smaller offices as teams in places different from the main office.

The virtual call center set-up offers many benefits to its employees. One, they maintain flexible work hours. Two, they need not adhere to a formal dress code (especially if they are home-based). Three, they need not commute to work if they are home-based, or simply commute shorter distances to the nearby branch offices of the call center.

In return, the call center company also benefits from farming out call center work to its remote branches or home-based employees. For instance, there are zero or minimal equipment to invest in, which helps the organization sustain the bottom line. For another, there is no need to pay for employee housing or transportation costs (especially with regards to home-based employees.)

What happens then is that a virtual call center set-up produces a win-win situation for both employees and the company  as can be perceived by the lower employee attrition levels for virtual call centers compared to the real-time or physically-bound call centers.

Another party that benefits from a virtual call center arrangement would be the client company, especially if that client has a seasonal business. This means the call center can hire employees during the peak season and then retrench them when the peak season is over. One case study also showed that clients with seasonal business found their sales going up when they switched to the services of a virtual call center.

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