About SQL Server 2005 Reporting

It is a fact that manufacturing is a competitive industry. This is the reason why it is important to have a reliable and effective monitoring and reporting mechanism. This mechanism will monitor production and business processes to enable business owners to make critical and timely business processes. The greatest challenge for businesses is having reliable and timely data all the time. This is where SQL Server 2005 reporting could come in handy.

Why SQL Server 2005 Reporting?

SQL Server 2005 reporting is in the form of reports and charts. It is utilized for reporting purposes. This brings together business intelligence and technology, which becomes a management tool that is both powerful and useful. SQL Server 2005 reporting has a so-called Operating Report that is an integral part of the Management Information System module.

A business can use Operating Report in terms of measuring various key performance areas and key performance indicators in the following areas:

1. In production in terms of comparing planned and actual production in units or kilograms. This would include the finished products as well as the various parts used for that finished product.

2. It is also used for measuring waste in different form, may it be packaging waste or production waste.

3. It is also useful for measuring time utilization in any areas of the business such as production, engineering, human resources and logistics. Or it can be used to measure hours in terms of planned or target hours versus the actual hours.

The above indicators are all inside SQL Server 2005 reporting. Through this report, businesses can easily monitor the business processes and make quick decisions.

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