Accessing The Exclusive MCP Site

The Microsoft Certified Professional or MCP site is an exclusive, members-only website dedicated to professionals who passed the MCP exams.  The site requires a Microsoft Passport Network or the .NET passport to login.  The beauty of the Passport Network is that the MCP site can be accessed along with other websites outside of the MCP site but within the Microsoft domain.

Members can access the MCP site after they have followed the process of migration which is done by associating the .NET passport identification with their MCP credentials like the MCP ID and Access Code provided by Microsoft and sent via e-mail.  This will associate the Passport Network with the MCP credentials and the MCP site.

After the first step, profile information needs to be completed.  The Profile Editor of the MCP site contains personal information and will have to be completely filled out by the member.  This ensures that all the MCP site benefits and programs can be accessed and every important program-related information will be received by the member.  A verification code will be sent in order to ensure the success of registration.

The final step involves specifying whether a member wants to receive other communication not related to the Microsoft Training and Certification products and programs.  These are all optional and can be skipped by the member.

If everything is successful, only the .NET passport will be needed by the member to open the MCP site and gain access to all the exclusive benefits, privileges, and opportunities will be available to the MCP members. 


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