Accredited IT Management Service Training for Non-IT Personnel and Managers

Somehow, in this technology-driven world, even people who only have a cursory knowledge of
IT Management are expected to have the motivation to learn more about it (if only to get
promoted to the next level in the organization.) Thus, it is important to find a service
training provider who is accredited in IT Management to teach you and provide a certificate
of completion afterwards.

One such service training provider called The Training Registry offers seminars geared at
introducing Information Technology to Non-It Managers.

The seminars are meant to help these non-IT personnel understand more about IT and how
their respective departments should relate to or depend on the IT department in their
organization. Some common terms like TCP/IP, ERP, and CRM will be introduced to the seminar
participants, as well as how to recognize software and hardware categories. They will learn
to make sense of the IT vocabulary so that it no longer remains a mystery and can be useful
to them.

The participants will then understand how they can use IT systems to share information,
streamline processes, help in decision-making, negotiate transactions, and even find new
markets for their products or services.

To do this, they should be able to eventually identify which technologies will help in
boosting department-wide productivity and organization-wide productivity; how they can
support the IT department in cutting the odds for project failure so that IT investments
are optimized; and how to know what pertinent questions should be asked when working with
IT specialists.

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