Activities of IT Service Continuity Management

Performing a Business Impact Analysis (BIA) identifies:
* Critical business processes & Vital Business Functions
* Potential damage or loss caused by disruption
* Possible escalations caused by damage or loss
* Necessary resources required to enable continuity of critical business processes
* Time constraints for minimum recovery of facilities and services
* Time constraints for complete recovery of facilities and services.

Risk Assessment:
* Gather information on assets (IT infrastructure components)
* Threats from both Internal & external sources (the likelihood of occurring)
* Vulnerabilities (the extent of impact or effect on organization).
Counter Measures:
Measures to prevent or recover from disaster

Manual Workaround:
Using non-IT based solution to overcome IT service disruption

Gradual recovery:
Aka Cold standby (>72hrs to recover from a ‘Disaster’)

Intermediate Recovery:
Aka Warm standby (24-72hrs to recover from a ‘Disaster’)

Immediate Recovery:
Aka Hot standby (< 24hrs, usually implies 1-2 hrs to recover from a ‘Disaster) Reciprocal Arrangement: Agreement with another similar sized company to share disaster recovery obligations

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