Adopting An Enterprise SOA

There is a strategy to follow in the adoption of an enterprise SOA.  This will
effectively present a more efficient and cost effective process for the company
because of its loose coupling and high degree of modularity.  With enterprise SOA, a
service-oriented company is presented with a clear outline of business solutions in the
enterprise level.  The strategy they use will be flexible, open-sourced, can be reused
indefinitely, is adaptable to changes and updates, and can be easily managed.

The adoption of an enterprise SOA will help the organization increase its productivity
and efficiency because enterprise SOA has a strategy of utilizing open standards to
develop its program as well as following the standardized business interaction
between services.

Since the services are loosely couples and are modular, it promotes cost savings in
terms of updates, flexibility in the design, reduced complexity, and minimal
dependence on technology.  The adoption of enterprise SOA strategy includes
governance, collaboration with and by the whole organization which includes the top
management, architects, down to the staff level.

The adoption of enterprise SOA presents a strategy of identifying the current state of
the IT assets and business flows then creating a roadmap for developing new
technologies by carrying out a detailed analysis of the business process–from
functions to interactions–in order to create and develop a mass collection of services
interconnected with each other.  This should all be measurable.

In any enterprise SOA adoption, the last part of the strategy will be measuring the
success and results of the enterprise SOA integration.

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