Advanced Your ECDL Skills

There are advanced programs offered to ECDL passers who wish to advance and progress their skills in computer literacy.  The ECDL Advanced enables you to demonstrate your high-level computer skills and will help you in your career, as employers will start recognizing and build confidence in your competencies and efficiency in the various ranges of applications.

The ECDL Advanced offers advanced program applications in word processing, spreadsheets, databases and presentations.  Features included in these program applications are as follows:

1. Word Processing – includes text management, automation, layout, organisation, document elements, images and drawing, and embedding data.
2. Spreadsheet – includes data handling, display, security, linking data, charts and graphs, functions and macros and auditing.
3. Database – includes table design, data relationships, query design, form design, report design, macros and data management.
4. Presentations – include audience and environment, presentation, delivery, design, charts anmd graphs, multimedia, slide show setup, link data and macros.
Just like the ECDL Certifcate , the ECDL Advanced modules can be taken individually and upon passing the exam you receive an ECDL Advanced certificate.  If you have completed all the modules, an additional certifcate is given out recognizing your expertise in computer use.  The additional certificate is called the ECDL expert Certificate.
If you intend to take the ECDL Advanced, there are various approved centres across the UK that can provide the needed support and training.  These training centres have professional tutors to help candidates and a one hour sit test per module is undertaken.
Those who prefer to do a self study on ECDL Advanced, there are available courseware materials that will help you learn ECDL Advanced.  Available courseware may be in the form of textbooks, e-learning and blended learning.

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