AdWords Guide Book for Beginners and Current AdWords Advertisers

You need to choose the right keywords to your AdWords in order to increase your click through rate or CTR.  Remember that you pay advertisements through Google AdWords on pay-per-click and keywords which generate high conversion do not mean revenue for your business.  You may be paying or exceeding your maximum cost of advertisement in a day and still you are not getting any sales or at least potential customers.

The use of the AdWords system is increasing and advertiser’s demand that more information be provided to improve their AdWords skills and achieve their goals.  There are AdWords guides available in the market today that provides short and clear explanations about Google AdWords.

Some of the features that AdWords Guide provides are:

1. Explains what Google AdWords is, why you should use Google AdWords, how Google AdWords works, what Google AdWords keywords are, what pay-per click is, how to write AdWords and how to make money with Google AdWords.
2. It has screenshots that helps beginners setup an account for the first time.
3. Beginners are provided with best practice advice to implement strategies, and advanced AdWords advertisers find good techniques to increase their Click through Rate.
4. It provides tutorials on how to bid, choose your daily budget, edit your keywords, and a lot of other useful tips.
5. It provides guides on how to build your list with AdWords.

Beginners or existing AdWords advertisers would find AdWords Guide helpful in improving their keywords – which would in the end result to higher conversion rate and better lead sales.

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