Aids in Handling Incident Management

Being in a service support team, there are so many demands at hand in the delivery of service and ensuring that the value of the service provided is at the maximum.  Most often complaints are received than appreciation. Incidents in the production line are normal but there is a need to restore the services as soon as possible.  If not, production either will run short or the inability of the company to meet target quotas.

Some of the common tools used in incident management are:

1.  Automatic incident logging and alerting: this tool provides
     automatic log of incidents and alerts support personnel
     concerned should there be default detection on mainframes,
     networks, servers.
2.  Automatic escalation facilities: this tool helps in the timely
     handling of incidents and service requests.  Eliminates the
     constant check of queue work list as it provides automatic
3.  Highly flexible routing of incidents: this tool provides
     recording of   incidents calls done on routine basis
     especially control staff members are in multiple sites or
     collocated in an operational bridge.
4.  Automatic extraction of data records: this tool allows
     extraction of data automatically from the configuration
     management database.
5.  Specialized software: a software used for speed
     handling of incidents effectively.  It classifies the type
     of incident and addressed the incident immediately.
6.  Telephone systems integration: this tool automatically
     registers the users names and phone numbers.
7.  Diagnostic tools: these tools aid the support staff
     to diagnose the source of incidents immediately.

Your role is to ensure that no one is unhappy, that someone is in charge to handle the incident and that you have a better way of solving the incident right away. The use of the incident management tools will help a lot towards your delivery of a high quality of service. 

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