Airspan WiMax: Catering to Small and Large Wireless Networks

Airspan is a global WiMax provider offering high speed wireless broad band technologies to different companies.  Airspan WiMax can offer licensed frequency allocation spreads of 3.5GHz, the most widely used connection access point for international WiMax users.  Airspan offers comprehensive WiMax solutions as it provides equipments both for the main WiMax base transmitters and CPE.

Communication companies can take advantage of Airspan solutions if they want to provide subscribers with enhanced voice and data services over wireless networks.  The equipments of Airspan for wireless broadband fully complies with the standards set by the WiMax Forum based on the IEEE 802.16 documentations. 

Specifically for base station, Airspan can offer two solutions: the Macro cell and the Micro cell base technologies.  Customers using the Macro cell base technology of Airspan can benefit from its powerful range and wider coverage capabilities.  Through a Macro cell base station, the local provider can deliver broadband speed audio, video and data services with few packet losses.  Essentially, subscribers will be able to establish and maintain broadband connectivity anytime and wherever they are as long as they are within the maximum range of the Macro cell base signals.

The Micro cell base solution of Airspan on the other hand is much cheaper. Small and medium scale companies can easily deploy it.  The downside however of micro cell is its reduced range capabilities.  This will affect connectivity and subscribers can experience some data losses if located at the outer limits of the base range.  This is ideal for small networks that need broadband connections.

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