All About ECDL Module 4: Spreadsheets

As you may have known by now, ECDL covers 7 modules and for you to acquire a certification, you have to successfully pass a test for each module. ECDL tests one’s knowledge of basic computer programs and one common application used by most professionals nowadays is MS Excel. This program is the popular choice in generating spreadsheets, typically used in accomplishing business reports. Thus, the 4th module of ECDL is all about “spreadsheets”.

“Spreadsheets” requires a candidate to understand the concept and functionality of spreadsheets and to display the ability to make spreadsheets through a computer application specifically designed for spreadsheet creation such as MS Excel and Corel’s Quattro Pro. The candidate is free as to which spreadsheet program he or she wishes to be tested on, however there is a need to inquire if the testing facility has the resources to accommodate the request.

Aside from being adept in accomplishing tasks associated with developing, and modifying spreadsheets, the candidate should also be confident in entering, manipulating and formatting data. In addition, he or she should also know how to apply logical and mathematical formulas needed in generating reports. Demonstrating competence in creating and formatting graphs or tables is also a must. Printing spreadsheets is also one thing that will be checked on.

In order to pass Module 4 of ECDL, a candidate must at least score 24 marks out of a possible 32. This means that the candidate should achieve a 75% mark to pass. This is the reason why it is recommended to take on sample exercises available in various sites on the web to measure one’s readiness to conquer the “Spreadsheets” module.

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