All About the Microsoft Organizational Management Change

As the cliché goes, change is the only thing that is constant in this world and nothing holds truer than in the corporate and Information Technology environment. Microsoft understands the need of both big and small organizations to be able to adapt to any type of change, which is the reason why they have developed some tools to make the transition smooth, easy and flawless. The tool is called Change Management Service Management Function or SMF.

If there is a change in a company procedure, for example, one of the most difficult things that the management is forced to deal with is the disruption of the business’ operations. To keep the company from losing profit over the supposed non-operating hours while the change in business procedure is being made, the SMF tool will be used. Here’s a quick look at how SMF will work: First, a request for change will be submitted. Then, the request for change will be analyzed and the urgency of the need for change will be determined. If the change in a particular business procedure should be implemented as soon as possible, then the request will be escalated. If not, it will go through the normal screening process. Once the request for change has been screened and approved, then the suggested change in business procedure will be implemented. The goal of this Microsoft’s organizational management tool is to initiate the necessary changes in a particular business, and to make the transition as smooth as possible without disrupting the company’s daily operations.

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