All about VMware Server

Another VMware software product developed by VMware, Inc. is the VMware Server.  The VMware Server was formerly known as GSX Server.  The VMware Server was released in 2006 and was a continuation of the retired GSX Server. 

VMware Server has the capabilities of creating, editing and playing virtual machines.  It uses a client-server model, which allows remote access to virtual machines, using some graphical performance and 3D support. VMware Server can also run virtual machines created by Microsoft Virtual PC other than VMware created virtual machines.

The VMware Server is a free virtualization product for those with  Windows and Linux servers that have  enterprise-class support and VirtualCenter management.  Thousands of customers for more than 6 six years have proven the success of this virtualization technology.  The following are some of the beneifts of the VMware Server :
• It streamlines the  software development and testing.  It allows developers to create multiple environments with different operating systems on the same server.
• It simplifies the IT test of patches, new applications and operating systems.  It allows systems  administrators to test virtual machines in a secured environment and enables them to roll back to a clean state by leveraging snapshots.
• It simplifies server provisioning.  A virtual machine is build once amd deployment done in multiple times.
• It evaluates software in a ready-to-run virtual machines without the need for installation and configuration.
The VMware Server is free and can be downloaded electronically. It is an easy to use server virtualization product. 

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