All about writing ISO 9000 procedures: some helpful guidelines

Success in the implementation of ISO 9000 basically depends on how each of its individual procedure is decisively written. A procedure is described as a documented method for quality actions considered as interdepartmental.

Procedures provide a standardized reference or guide for employees to perform excellently assigned tasks. Normally, individual department would have its distinctive procedures, approved by respective manager.

There are important factors that need to be considered when writing ISO 9000 procedures. These factors include document control (document processing and updating), quality records, and comprehensiveness (inner-relatedness and resulting quality system documentation).

Moreover, procedures must include certain definitions, security or risk-related issues, referencing standards, documentation, and quality records. Also, procedures should plainly stipulate:

1) what needs to be done;

2) key persons;

3) implementation period and sequential steps involved;

4) how procedures should be done;

5) what tools, equipment, materials, or other necessary documents to be used;

6) an understandable flow chart; and

7) signed and dated needed authorizations.

Helpful tips in writing ISO 9000 procedures are also available, which are as follows.

Tip 1: Depending on the key implementer, the procedure may be written generally or specifically.

Tip 2: Make sure to write individual procedures for a more controlled program of activities.

Tip 3: Other procedures may be referenced particularly those not under the ISO standard numbering system.

Tip 4: A procedure does not have to be written too specific.

Tip 5: Make use of corresponding titles, such as designee, assignee, or successor to maintain simplicity and flexibility of the whole process.

Tip 6: Minimize the use of symbols.

Tip 7: Maintain consistency in action.

Tip 8: Use a flow chart is highly recommended.

These inclusive guidelines should provide adequate aid in writing efficient ISO 9000 procedures.

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