All Things Techie: Business Intelligence Architecture

Business intelligence is more than just the sum of its parts. Behind the wonderful output or the customer-satisfying good or service lies a multi-tiered architecture that is able to make all those things  and more  happen. The technical architecture aspect of business intelligence defines the type of technology that the products and the infrastructure are grounded on. It also works to include the relational databases, ETL or extract, transform and load, as well as BI and OLAP, enterprise application interfaces (otherwise known as EAI), enterprise information interfaces or EII, different networks, operating systems and the APIs that work in the layers between and within all of them.

In this light, it can be quite tricky to confuse the technical aspect of the architecture with the types of outputs themselves. This can also come true when you have the tendency to associate the products with different types of technologies. Which is why it is of great importance that you keep in mind the fact that certain products may incorporate different types of technologies  especially in relation to vendors that extend their product lines and support what one may deem an alphabet soup rundown of technologies. Keep in mind that in the business architecture, it is important to resist the urge to give the products a thorough assessment in the earlier stages of the system. Find out first what your data or your information needs are, then choose the appropriate technology that can support such needs, and from there work your way through the system.

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