An Exciting New “Converter” Offering from Vmware

If you have been using virtual machines for quite some time now, you may have heard of a new kind of product from these merchants called the VMware Converter. It is now on the third release and is also based on the old and discontinued line originally called the VMware P2V assistant (which is why you might be a bit familiar with some of its more general features). The Vmware converter has the purpose of allowing you to quickly and efficiently migrate all your data from the actual physical machines themselves to the virtual machines of VMware. There are many great things this product can do for you.

It is designed to convert both local and remote physical servers using the unique “no downtime” feature. It can convert different types of P2V conversions while working with a centralized console at the same time. You can also use this to convert other third party virtual machines onto the VMware unit – for example, you can create virtual copies of popular third party Microsoft software applications such as MS PC, MS Server, backup Exec, Ghost and Live State.

Additionally, you also have the option to both clone and create backups of physical machines on the virtual machines as you please. Picky – or rather, very particular individuals – may choose their VMware converter from two choices – there is a free edition Vmware converter Starter and there is an Enterprise line for those who expect heavy duty performance. Needless to say, there is a type of VMware converter for you – whatever your needs may be.

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