An Explanation Of What Change Management Is

What is change management?  Change management is a scientific, systematic and
structured approach to dealing with change so that there is a smooth and efficient transfer
from the current state to the future desired state.  Since change management encompasses
a broad field including psychology, engineering and business, there are two sub-
categories for change management:  Individual Change Management and Organizational
Change Management.

The Individual Change Management is based on the behavioral models.  ICMs will tackle
and attempt to disassemble the existing comfort-zones of individuals in order to effect a
change.  This involves a lot of motivation and a good leadership skill because people will
tend to be uncomfortable with changes implemented in the organization.

The emotional factor of the individuals affected by the change should be taken into
consideration so as to increase their morale and make them accept the change without
resistance.  A good explanation on the need for change as well as the reason for the
change should be properly explained so the individual will support and become involved
in the implementation of the change.  With proper training and skills transfer, he will be
able to implement the changes based on expected results and his role and responsibilities
will be clearer.  We have to remember that the less the resistance, the more effective the
change will be.

Organizational Change Management is a structured process of implementing change in
an organizational level.  A good organizational change management plan integrates the
individual change management so that it will be able to effectively and efficiently modify
the existing state of the organization to the future state without much resistance from

Three aspects are vital in both the individual and organizational change management: 
adaptation, controlling and implementation.


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