The ability to listen is one of the most important skills a help desk agent should have.
Without this skill, a call cannot be pursued to its best conclusion because a perfect
two-way communication process will never be achieved if one has poor listening skills. That
is why a help desk or call center company usually provides training for listening
comprehension. It is a must that a help desk agent be equipped with good listening skills.

Call center listening training process

There are two types of listening exams which offer training in listening. These are called
help desk basic spelling and help desk advance spelling, where audio recordings are provided
to the agent who is required to listen and correctly spell the words spoken. (Most of the
words are the most commonly misspelled words by agents.) The difference between these two
listening exams is that the basic program requires the agent to type or write the words
correctly, while the advanced program asks the agent to just spell the words correctly.

Another type of listening program is the call center simulation system. This is where a
help desk administrator mimics callers by talking directly through headphones (trying to be
as real as a help desk call can get) while the test taker (or agent) must respond correctly
(according to pre-set standards of the company). After the simulation is done, printed
comments and suggestions on how he can improve his performance are given to the test taker
so he can bone up on his weak points.

Help desk data entry is another audio training program provided. Here, a database of audio
recordings is provided. The agent is required to type in information from the audio file
correctly. It measures listening skills, as well as precision in typing.

The help desk environmental exam is a test where an agent is required to listen to a audio
file provided by the help desk administrators to test his speed and accuracy in typing in
orders, receiving questions, and solving them with absolute capability.


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