An Overview: Information Systems Definition

Information Systems, also known as Management Information System is a group of systems designed to work together in order to aid management in decision making. It does not only involve the decision making part itself but also the gathering, translation, storage and the dissemination of information. It’s really inclusive of all the systems needed in running the company from the smallest of details to the information involving the overall big picture. It also involves all the people, all the technologies and all the procedures and applications involved in the business.

MIS or Information Systems definition states that it is actually a system that translates data into useful information used to support decision making. This could involve the general reports that companies have such as sales reports, inventory reports, performance reports and other financial reports. It could also be a simulation. MIS could answer what-if questions which executives or the company as a whole need to question in order to be better prepared or equipped for the long term eventualities. By posing such questions the company will not be caught off guard should certain occurrence happen in the future. The company would be able to react accordingly and timely come that day. Most importantly, MIS actually coordinates the people, the available information and the quantitative models and applications so that good and wise decisions are made for the success of the company.

The main purpose of MIS really is to have all these information and to be able to distribute such relevant information to the various levels of the company so that appropriate and timely decisions are made where needed.

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