An Overview of ISQTB Exams

How would you prove that you deserve to be called a professional if you didn’t even pass the exam to get a license? An engineer has to pass the board examination to be called a certified engineer. This is the rule of thumb; hence, an exam is done to test whether a candidate of a certain position deserves to be in that position. So, for a certified software aspirant, he should pass the ISQTB certification exam in CTFL first before becoming a software testing expert.

Aside from the CTFL which is first examination for software tester aspirants, there is still a series of certification exams which can be taken by somebody who passed the CTFL exam. The advanced level for test manager, advanced level for functional tester, advanced level for technical tester, advanced level or CTAL and the expert level are the exams available and conducted by ISQTB.

These exams are arranged in level of difficulty which requires deeper knowledge in special areas. For instance, the advance level examination for a test manager deals with control and planning of test processes while functional tester role is to re-evaluate methods of testing like the black box testing methods. Moreover, technical testers do the component tests, nonfunctional testing methods and test tools.

ISQTB exams are paralleled to the ISQTB syllabus which is also the basis for training courses about software testing provided by the board itself. The syllabus of ISQTB is followed by training providers accredited by the board as well.

And for the most interesting part, certification given by ISQTB was you passed the exam is official and lasts a lifetime. Besides, once you applied for recertification there is no requirement needed at all.

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