An Overview on CompTIA HIT

Aside from the primary role of the CompTIA in IT industry, it is also concerned with the health care costing issues (such as the paper filed for the medical accounts of patients.) The CompTIA and other enterprises opted to restrain health care costs and to attain health improvement through Health Information Technology (or HIT.) The HIT program will also help to optimize the efficiency of the workforce, opting to purge due to high health costing, and to avoid a time-consuming (sometimes life-threatening) search for medical files. The key concept to establish the HIT system is through the electronic health record (EHR), wherein medical accounts of patients are filed in digital form. This will enable a medical provider to transfer the data to another provider via an online communication system.
The CompTIA supports three entities in terms of the health care system, including the providers, the patients, and the community. On the side of the providers, the CompTIA will help them by converting paper files to digital media that can be easily transferred to and accessed by other health care providers. At the level of the patient, the CompTIA supports the patients so that he can disclose his files to anyone he chooses under certain circumstances. The CompTIA supports the health care community globally to create consistent health information technology that will enable them in sharing medical information so that they can supply the benefits, as permitted by the patients.
The CompTIA, and its subcommittees, are looking forward to the day that the medical community will adopt the HIT and EHR systems. The HIT will help in providing effective and easy medical services through economical health care operations. Furthermore, the HIT will allow small health care providers to become competent with the large providers by securing reliable medical services.
The CompTIA practically organizes HIT for the small medical practitioners and their patients, not only for the large medical providers.

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