And the Manager Bridging results are in…

For those eagerly following the outcome of the Manager Bridging Program the results are in… 

75% of our participants passed the 90 minute 20 multiple choice exam (remember that an 80% pass rate is required).

That is a fantastic outcome for our participants!  Especially considering that current Global pass rates are only 34%!

Remember – this course is not meant to be easy – they don’t want to just “give” the Expert certification away…

Congratulations to our successful participants.  As one said:

“It is difficult to receive more than 80% correct [pass] rate.  However, I could pass it at the first challenge by having participated in this course”

 Atsushi, Japan 2008

High on our priority list… turn that 75% to 100%!
Till next time Cheers from the ITIL® Australia Team at The Art of Service


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