Another Name for Desk Help Software

Desk Help Software is another (though more unusual) name for Help Desk Support Software.
Help Desk Support Software can either be provided through open source access or from
copyright-dependent software providers. An open source access product is one which is
provided free of charge to end users by the software developer whose main aim is to make
the open source access product widely used and maybe even become an industry benchmark or
industry standard as far as help desk support software is concerned.

Whether you call it desk help software or help desk support software, the function of the
system is the same: to assist the help desk department or outsourced help desk department
to help answer the service- or product-related queries of end users (meaning anyone from
the general public, professionals or otherwise.)

All help desk systems have the commonality of adhering to the following steps: first, an
end user will call in because he has a problem that necessitates seeking customer support
from the help desk; second, the help desk system will present an online help desk form or
page for the end user to fill out properly; the problem will be assigned to a certain help
desk technician; the help desk technician will rank the problem or case according to
priority level before he starts searching for resolution; hopefully, the help desk
technician spots the cause of the problem then comes up with an appropriate solution; this
technician will log in the problem and solution, as well as the identity of the concerned
end user, into the help desk system; and then the technician will present his preferred
solution to the end user for approval and acceptance.

If your desk help software is a web-based application, it is considered more advantageous
compared to conventional network routed desk help software.

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