Applicability and Usability of Six Sigma in Healthcare

Six Sigma can be found in almost all types of industries. A very useful application of Six sigma lies in the field of healthcare, actually! Once a healthcare company decides that a six sigma approach is an effective way to improve its different types of services, their next step would be to figure out where they can immediately start implementing the process tools of six sigma to reap the benefits.

These process issues or otherwise known as variability in healthcare cab be found in a specific type of technology. It can even be located within a particular department or care area, including the delicate service lines of areas such as cardiology or, on a more wide scale level, the entire organization as well. Six sigma projects are very effective in tasks such as billing, workflow or registration, or even in clinical procedures that involve medication administration or ICU (intensive care unit) protocols. The important thing is to balance the multiple priorities that are weighted in a hospital when six sigma processes are applied. To ensure its success, the first consideration must always be the customer, as well as knowing the different critical to quality (or CTQ) elements that will serve as the driving force of the entire project. When we say customer, it can mean a lot of terms  it may refer to the patient, the nursing staff, the many physicians, and members of the administration, manager or stakeholder of the department  it all actually depends on the different processes that are being reviewed.

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