Architecture Planning Is Vital in TOGAF

Every business knows how important it is to have the right tools for the business to succeed.  Many companies, especially bigger ones, make sure that their investments in IT are always in line with their business goals and strategies.  For this purpose, the Open Group offers one approach commonly known as The Open Group Architecture Framework or TOGAF.

TOGAF is actually an enterprise architecture method. It offers an approach for planning, designing, implementing and managing the information architecture of the enterprise.  Like any enterprise architectural model, this approach also has to undergo a few steps both repetitive and cyclical.

Architecture planning is a very vital part of the process. For TOGAF to work and to be effective, it’s important that the company is able to develop a framework that defines the information system as a set of building blocks.  The framework should also define how the pieces would fit together. There should be standards set for the architecture framework. There should also be a list of the products that are compliant with the standards. In all of this, there should be common language or vocabulary that is understood by all.

Architecture planning is important so that everything will coincide with a common system and a common company goal. Without which IT investment would be done at random at every component of the enterprise. The whole company would not be able to optimize their investments. But with proper architecture planning and framework things will be well thought out. Of course, for the whole enterprise architecture or for TOGAF to be efficient, the architecture should be reviewed regularly for further improvements and adaptation. 

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